meadow matters program

meadow believes in giving back to its local community. This is why we’ve created the meadow matters program which provides funds directly to organisations that work with and support women and young people to support them in their work.

The meadow matters program is entirely funded through our Gather Dinners held on the third Saturday of every month.

meadow will give all proceeds from every gather dinner to a local organisation.  There will be a minimum of 12 gather dinners a year held at meadow, Melbourne Building Laneway, Odger’s Lane, Canberra City, on the third Saturday of every month. 

What is a ‘gather dinner’?

On one Saturday each month, meadow invites 60 guests to share in a curated 3 course meal, or fun dining experience, for which they will be able to 'pay as they feel', with all profits going towards the Meadow Matters Program.  These dinners sometimes invite celebrity chefs to create the meal, while other dinners are focussed on a theme and invite guest speakers to share their story.  Some dinners are a fine dining experience, while others are more casual and playful. 

Gather dinners are more than a meal, they're a truly engaging experience.

Why is meadow doing this?

The question really should be, why isn’t every business trying to do something for their community?