Thinking of visiting Meadow? Here's some information that will help you during your stay. 


Find us at Odgers Lane, Melbourne Building, Canberra, ACT

There is plenty of parking off London Circuit, at the Corner of West Row, with only a 1 minute walk to Meadow. 

Prams and bubs

Meadow is a perfect place for prams, mums and bubs and we're also breastfeeding friendly.  Meadow is tucked away in a laneway and so although in the city, we have very little motor vehicle traffic coming through.  We also have bollards that provide an extra safety barrier for our guests. 

Food allergies


We're happy to cater for people with food allergies but please note that our food cannot be made 100% gluten free due to the other environmental factors that are out of our control. 

We are perfectly situated for all things on wheels. Park your bike, grab a spro and off you go.