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Join the family and open your own Meadow. We'll help you do it.

Let's Love Life.

A family supports one another. 

As part of the Meadow family, you will be supported and guided through every step of the way to opening your own cafe. Before you decide to join the family, you will have the opportunity to live the Meadow way of life by spending time engaging with guests at one of our locations. 

While there, you'll see how the Meadow system operates, what sets us apart and just how satisfying working in your own business can be. 

A family helps you grow.

As part of the Meadow family, you will be exposed to opportunities to grow both professionally and personally. We'll help you map out your goals ambitions and teach you how Meadow can get you there. 

We're committed to helping you live life in the way you want. Meadow is not just a cafe, it's a lifestyle that values sustainability, work life balance and financial success, while always keeping a firm focus on what's important - family, happiness and our environment. 

a simple system.

The Meadow system has been developed by a passionate team, with over 25 years experience in hospitality. What we've created is an a service that is flexible enough to be easily rolled out wherever you live. 


For us at Meadow, our greater goal is always to improve the lives of those in our community through our Meadow Matters Program. This is the driving force of everything we do and we're looking for people who want to take up the torch and spread the word wherever they live. 


Meadow is more than a cafe, a job or a business. Meadow is a lifestyle. If you're looking to live the life you dream about; if you're looking for a change and to make a difference, then walk with us. 

What's involved?

Stage 1: Lodge an expression of interest (use the button below) and we'll meet for a coffee

Stage 2: We enter into a confidential discussion so we can provide you with more information

Stage 3: You lodge an application to become join the Meadow family

Stage 4: We review your application and if you're a great fit, then we provide approval

Stage 5: Together, we begin planning to open your own Meadow.

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 Nourish your guests.